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About the StarSync Tracker

The StarSync tracker is designed so you can take long exposure images with your SLR without getting star trails. Without something like our tracker you are limited to using high f-stop, fast lenses, and short exposures, or else you will get trails. The tracker moves at the same angular rate as the sky, allowing you to expose for longer and with the ability to use more variety of lenses and settings.

Below demonstrates taking a long exposure with and without the tracker. With the tracker the light from the stars are concentrated at the same spot on the camera chip instead of being spread around causing a trailing affect. 


  • The tracker is built to be dependable and long lasting. It is made from aluminum, stainless steel, solid hinge, and bronze bushings.
  • It’s 2-axis camera swivel makes it easy to point the camera at your target. 
  • Setup is easy with the laser pointer polar-alignment mount
  • The tracker is portable and lightweight, can fit into most backpacks and can run off a lithium-ion battery or any 12VDC (>=500mA) power supply.
  • Will work with most tripods, but a tripod-free adjustable latitude stand is also available.


Below are some videos that go into more detail about how to setup and use the tracker, and be sure to check out our customer gallery and press page: